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Bellbottom Studio (formally Eggs&Shep) is the largest resort type professional digital recording studio in Japan, built on 4 acres of land. We are located just on the outskirts of Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park, the homeland of the beautiful Mt. Fuji, specifically focused on providing state of the art recording services to our professional clients and artist. Our recording studio is equipped with state-of- the-art vintage Nevecustomized console by Shep Associates along with latest digital recording equipments such as Pro Tools HD 3 Accel.

Bellbottom Studio is located approximately 90 minutes by car from Central Tokyo and can accommodate up to 40 guests and we are committed to bring the best to everyone. If you are from outside Japan and need help, we are here for you. We can arrange accommodations at a luxury hotel in Tokyo or at a nearby resort hotel, limousine arrangements from airports (even choppers), or even the spectacular view of the Mt. Fuji from our recording studios and control rooms (oops ! its when we a have clear blue sky) or one of the best Sushi available in Japan, catered and prepared in front of our guests by the famous Sushi Bar in Ginza, Tokyo.

Bellbottom Studio also welcomes every rehearsal needs. When you have a plan to tour Japan or Asia, why don't you stop by? Floor space of our main studio is 120sq.m and we also have three additional recording/rehearsal studios.

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  • 3478 Uchino, Oshinomura Munami Tsurugun Yamanashi 401-0512 Japan
  • TEL +81555-20-5115
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